Is Universal Healthcare A Good Idea?

Firstly I want to be clear this post is not stating if the current US health care reform is a good idea or not. It is a post of my thoughts on universal health care in general. With the US currently reforming the health care system to include a public option for those that are uninsured, and many other countries having this already in place, it is a discussion worth having.

The idea of people, especially children, not having proper health care to ensure a healthy and happy life is very saddening to me. There are many incredible treatments and medicines currently available, and being created, that they should not be restricted to those that are fortunate enough to have a job that provides health care. I think this is especially relevant to the current US economy where many people do not even have jobs let alone health care. With a country that is a self described beacon for the world we should not leave our citizens to suffer and die when poor fortune comes their way. We are a country that when times get rough we help our neighbors in knowing that any of us can run into bad situations as well. And this is in my opinion is an example of where we can help those that want to be self sufficient but are facing difficulties.

Now there are some issues and concerns with aspects of universal health care to address. The biggest would be those that take advantage of social programs like this as well as other programs. Universal health care should be something that is allotted for those in the process of attempting to gain employment or afford health care that is not through the government. This would eliminate another social program from those that have no desire to advance through life to just milk another freebie. And therefore increasing government spending and deficit issues. Also I am very against the universal health care provisions that force people to pay for health care if they wish to not have it. If someone does not wish to pay for health care through their employer or for affordable health care through a government option that is their choice. If in the future a medical issue occurred, they would have to face the issue of lacking health care and its consequences.

Universal health care is something that we should have in the United States. Not necessarily in the way the US has reformed it currently but some form that would take into the considerations I have discussed earlier. This topic will be posted in the Social Issues forum to create a in-depth discussion with others.